5 2/14/2018

Great service and truly honest work. Thank you so much, so happy we found you.

5 2/13/2018

For a few years now I have been I trusted with caring for my grandfathers carwhich brings me to; As regular for 4 years, Im happy to put my family’s and my life in the hands of the professionals at Honest1. Teaching is one of the great services the team continues to do, explaining what needs to be repaired and what can wait. Treating everyone with divinity no matter their knowledge of car care. I have always felt Honest1 has treated me and my many referrals [and our vehicles] with respect and honesty.

5 2/12/2018

They were able to schedule a convenient appointment. They were professional, knowledgeable, and efficient.

5 2/10/2018

I was very satisfied with my service and use of an awesome loaner vehicle.

5 2/9/2018

Yesterday I brought my car in for an Oil Change and to have my tires rotated. As ALWAYS, I received prompt, courteous and excellent service. Keep up the great work!!! Bill DOC Schank

5 1/28/2018

Service was great.

5 1/26/2018

Needed catalytic convert replaced. Original estimate $1600 to replace front & rear including labor. They said if they could save the front section it would be less. They took me into the shop to show me the underside of the car & explained they wouldn't know until they took it apart. They were able to save it & that dropped the price to $1000. I had a 10% coupon from their website so ended up paying $900. They did an excellent job and had great follow up.

5 1/20/2018

Great prices and friendly staff.

5 1/17/2018

I brought my car in for tires, and that’s where it started. Easy simple check in I love. Meet all my expectations. We picked up the car and left our other one for an oil change the next day. The next day we had a valve stem leak. We called them to switch cars so my wife could make it to work. They started our car for my wife(wow, fantastic) so she and the kids got into a warm car. They replaced the valve stem at no cost. I have been to a few places in Burnsville for my car but this is my 4 visit here and they are professional and honest. Recommend and will be back!

5 1/17/2018

Very courteous, timely service. Waiting room is very comfortable. Customer oriented.